Struct pliantdb::local::core::schema::view::map::MappedDocument[][src]

pub struct MappedDocument<K = (), V = ()> where
    K: Key,
    V: Serialize
{ pub document: Document<'static>, pub key: K, pub value: V, }

A document's entry in a View's mappings.


document: Document<'static>

The id of the document that emitted this entry.

key: K

The key used to index the View.

value: V

An associated value stored in the view.

Trait Implementations

impl<K, V> Debug for MappedDocument<K, V> where
    K: Key + Debug,
    V: Debug + Serialize

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<K, V> RefUnwindSafe for MappedDocument<K, V> where
    K: RefUnwindSafe,
    V: RefUnwindSafe

impl<K, V> Send for MappedDocument<K, V> where
    V: Send

impl<K, V> Sync for MappedDocument<K, V> where
    V: Sync

impl<K, V> Unpin for MappedDocument<K, V> where
    K: Unpin,
    V: Unpin

impl<K, V> UnwindSafe for MappedDocument<K, V> where
    K: UnwindSafe,
    V: UnwindSafe

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